What is the first step to buying a property in Spain?
What is the difference when looking for a holiday home, Permanent home or Investment property?
What is the Golden Visa?
Is it best to use services the Agent recommends?
Are lawyer fees fixed or based on a % of the cost of the purchase property?
What is the most cost effective way to change my funds into euros?
Is it easy to get a mortgage in Spain?
What age can you legally buy a property in Spain?
Can I purchase in my Child/Children's name or transfer the ownership?
What would my buying costs be if I Purchased a property in Costa Blanca?
Do the lawyers in Spain do surveys on the property?
How much does a Spanish will cost?
If I buy a new build property off plan, can I do anything to make this safer?
Is the reservation deposit refundable if I change my mind?
What is the quickest way to buy a property in Spain?
Can I do a rent to buy in Spain?

Rent to buys are available in Spain. A seller will have discussed this as an option with their agent when they listed the property and this will be advertised. Many buyers like this option but the supply is limited as it is the seller who ultimately has to decide to sell the property in this mannor. The lawyers will raise a contract that is legally binding for both parties. It is perfectly safe to do but ensure the contracts are done by your lawyer.

Do I, as the buyer have to pay the Estate Agent a fee?
Who do the Agents act for, the buyer or the seller?
Will my property purchase be affected by Brexit?
Which areas are in the military zone?
Will I be allowed to use my property for long periods of time?
What about applying for residency once I have a permanent address?
Can you apply for a residency before you have completed a purchase?
How long do you have to be in Spain to receive free healthcare?
How much does private healthcare cost?
I have heard that everyone must do a tax return?